Equal Pay Day. Yay?

April 29, 2009

By Laurenesss

Yesterday, April 28, 2009, was Equal Pay Day. Even in 2009 women on average receive 79 cents of every dollar a man makes. Some people attribute this wage gap to fewer hours put in by women over the course of their careers credited to maternity leave and child care in general. I actually agree with this statement for the most part. If I put in fewer hours over the course of my career, then I will expect to make less than a colleague who has devoted little time to other activities. The benefits would clearly outweigh the consequences. Feminism is, after all, about choice and if I choose to have a child, then I will suffer the consequences of maternity leave and childrearing. Still, until research on whether women without children get the same pay rate as equally qualified men has been completed gender-based pay bias cannot be effectively proven.
After speaking to a few career-minded men it seems as though some are jealous of their female colleagues’ ability to take a 3-month paid maternity leave. Read the rest of this entry »