What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

July 8, 2009

by Tommy


Let’s all get drunk and play ping pong. j/k but here’s some cool stuff going on this week lets go together! (also this is kind of a work in progress so let me know if I should include anything thats not here)-

Wednesday July 8th (thats today!)

6:30pm – Summerscreen: Reality Bites @ McCarren Park
The L Magazine is kicking off its summer movie series (formerly held in McCarren Pool [remember when they found a dead body there? Was that last summer?]) with a classic early ’90s offering. Also Music from the Wild Yaks, a happy hour, and food from San Loco (!!!), Two Boots (yay Tya!), DUB Pies and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. What else would you possibly do on a Wednesday night? Except maybe…

8-10:30pm – Drink n Draw @ 3rd Ward
They provide the beer and the model, you bring drawing tools and creativity. $15/person or $10 with a friend, Free for members. I’ve always wanted to go PS I heard the models are total babes but that could just be me making it up right now (lying contest!)

Thursday July 9th

6:30pm – Poetry from the Rooftops @ Arsenal Building Rooftop, Central Park.
With Lytton Smith, Priscilla Sneff, and Rebecca Wolff.

What’s better than a New York rooftop in the Summer? A poetry reading on a New York rooftop overlooking Central Park in the summertime thats what. I wish I could go, Rebecca Wolff is really inspiring. She turned Fence, her lit magazine, into Fence Books and basically ushered in the trend of elliptical poetry. But I will be at…

7pm – L Magazine Literary Upstart Finals
The L Magazine’s annual search for pocket fiction. Remember when Lauren Wilkinson KILLED that shit last year? Remember how I made everyone go and cheer and yell “Boo Books!” and wasted no time having my picture taken with her oversized novelty check? The one still sitting in her living room? Well its a brand new year and Lauren is going to pass her crown (metaphorically of course) to New York’s next literary upstart. One dollar Dog-something beers (probably).

7:30 pm – Indie Press Night with Seven Stories Press @ WORD
Our good friend (and former Birdsong #7 guest reader) Douglas A. Martin will read from his new novel, Once You Go Back, along with Lee Stringer, author of the memoir Sleepaway School. Martin and Stringer will also discuss its common source-childhoods that run off the rails, exposing kids to forces that can equally destroy and nourish a young, creative life-as well as the process, the struggle, and the redemptive power of autobiographically-charged writing. Phong Bui, publisher of The Brooklyn Rail, will moderate.

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