June 21, 2010

by Tommy

TODAY IS THE FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF SUMMER!!! aka it’s fucking hot.  Tho whenever I question my skepticism of air conditioning, I remember the #4 bullet point on Aretha Franklin’s contract rider, “AIR CONDITIONING,” which reads:

All air conditioning vents must be turned off or taped shut, to prevent and cold air from flowing into Aretha Franklin’s dressing room.  In addition, all vents from Ms. Franklin’s dressing room, backstage area and stage and in the venue, must be turned off at least one hour prior to Ms. Franklin’s scheduled rehearsal and performance times.

I mean, the Queen knows.  Speaking of the Queen, as at any given time of the day I probably am, remember “A Rose is Still a Rose”?  Aretha taking all heartbroken women into her (bountiful) garden/bosom?  Not-so-thinly-veiled vaginal metaphors?  Lauryn Hill?  Let me refresh yr memory:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand with that empowering number, on to the week.

Monday June 21

Tonight, birdsong babes PAPS are playing Death By Audio with Baby Alpaca— speaking of people who will welcome you into a Garden of Eden.  Look for me in the front row swaying like whiskey and hugging myself I TOTALLY LOSE MY SHIT everytime they play “Sometimes.”  I’m trying to convince Jess to make this pic the cover of their single (via my brand new tumblr):

Soma Time

Tuesday June 22

oh hai its me matthew

Former birdsong Five On It interviewee slash five-alarm-hottie Matthew Hittinger is reading some poems with Stephen Motika and Michael Montlack for the Gay & Lesbian Center’s “Center Voices” series.  You can read one of Matthew’s poems here (which I chose for the L Magazines online poetry section #editor).

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, 208 W 13th St NY NY, 6pm-9pm, FREE

Wenesday June 23

the operative word here is "wood"

So at a party this weekend I finally met the boys of Mirror Mirror, whose music I lovingly genre’d “incantatory rock,” and who(m?) I was able to interview for our new newsprint publication BRD SNG.  They were both super fucking nice, frontman David Riley was WEARING OUT the party in these high heel black strappies, and his band mate Ryan Lucero was pretty touchy-feely and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT OH MY GOD– as birdsong publicity guru Chantal Johnson famously put it, we live in a touch deprived society. Aretha Franklin, A Rose is Still A Rose.  Tonight Mirror Mirror are playing for Robert Melee’s Talent Show at the Kitchen in Chelsea.  It’s both Wednesday and Thursday, and you can get tickets here.

the Kitchen NYC, 512 West 19th Street NY NY, 8pm, $13.99

Thursday June 24

Once, I erroneously said that there are only two places I want to be in the summertime in NYC: on someone’s rooftop or in someone’s backyard.  I forgot one thing– watching a movie outside at night preferably on a gigantic screen.  When I first moved to Williamsburg, they used to show movies at McCarren pool (before they found a dead body in a shed) so watching movies outside makes me nostalgic for my first year here.  And grisly murders. Thursdays screen on the Brooklyn Bridge, and this week is Rear Window.  You can find a schedule for the rest of the summer here.

Under the Brooklyn Bridge, movies start at sundown, FREE

some loveless family

Sunday June 27

just listenin 2 some tunez

My other favorite band, Little Victory, has been playing a lot of shows recently slash they are going to be famous soon slash I am an unceremonious groupie (J/K I love ceremonies) so they’re stuck with me now.  Tonight they are playing the debut of Phoenix bar’s music series (apparently they set up a stage in there) with MKNG FRNDZ (my other, other favorite band I mean guys srsly Tami Hart has one of the best voices in America), with Horoscope and Skeleton Head.

The Phoenix, 447 East 13th Street NY NY, 5pm-10pm FREE



May 24, 2010

by Tommy

In between writing/working, sleeping, and eating a big sandwich, I can usually be found combing the internet for ways to take advantage of the City, slash if there is any second of my day unaccounted for, I get the panic sweats.

just sit back and google "angry taco."

SO my neurosis is your gain, b/c here are some things I’ve excavated for the week in a section I’m titling THIS WEEK IN BIRDSONG

Monday, May 24 2010

Tickets go on sale this afternoon for NewFest, the New York LGBT Film festival, where they will show (amongst others) my boyfriend James Franco in the Allen Ginsberg biopic, Howl.  He’s really nervous about the critical reception so come support us tee hee!  Get a full schedule and ticket prices here

NewFest, June 3-13, SVA Theatre, 333 W 23rd St.

Tuesday, May 25 2010

Here’s something random I stumbled across while the Nyquil was wearing off– a sock puppet storytelling hour.

As long as they’re clean, right? Read the rest of this entry »

birdsong #12- the issue and the event

April 22, 2010

First things first, WE FINISHED BIRDSONG 12 finally.  It’s been a long, hard road, but there are lots of improvements and shiny things.  The guts got a facelift, thanks to InDesign and Catprint, and the cover was deliciously silkscreened by Gabe “The Babe” Cohen of the Bread & Butter Collective at Flux Factory and hand-stamped by Daniel Portland and I.   Speaking of Danny, many many thanks go to the editors (because we have a new, fancy masthead): managing editor, the aforementioned DP, and contributing editors Roy Pérez and Lauren Wilkinson.  The issue features writing and art from the Birdsong Collective and interviews with artist/theorist Seth Kim-Cohen, poet Thomas Moore, fellow zinester Aaron Lake Smith, videomaker/artist Joshua Thorson, and poet/playwright Rodrigo Toscano.  There’s also a nifty “birdsong year 2″ postcard, buttons and stickers, and all of it wrapped nicely in glassine.  You can order via Paypal here, for 6 bucks plus $1 for S&H.  There’s also a small quantity of the bare-bones, xeroxed copies available for free for a limited time.  But I think you’ll want the printed version.  If you asked me.

AAAAAAAAAANDthe reading/release party!!!

with a smattering of short readings from the BIRDSONG COLLECTIVE and (in honor of our second year) TWO count em TWO guest readers, author of GIRLS TO THE FRONT: the true story of the riot grrrl revolutionSARA MARCUS and Edinburgh author ALEXANDER CHEE!!!

with a set by that gritty folk duo you’ve heard so much about, darlings of the New Yorker– PAPS

Hosted by (me) Tommy Pico and there will probably be free red red wine because who doesn’t look better with a little color in their teeth?

FRIDAY May 14th 8pm at 3rd Ward, 573 Metropolitan Ave @ Lorimer, steps from the Lorimer L stop. Be there or be scared. justkidding

birdsong 8

August 26, 2009


Saturday, August 29th 2009

birdsong #8 Zine Release/Reading/Art/Acoustic Show

The Birdsong Collective bi-monthly big big event!!!!!



with guest reader CATHY CHUNG and music by PAPS.

Hosted by TOMMY PICO

632 Grand street @ Leonard
Free | birdsongmag [at]
Subway: L to Lorimer

Birdsong Micropress Presents: Hump Day!

July 25, 2009


The prefect cure for humpday doldrums, come see rising alt-country star PAPS play Second Stop Cafe!

with opening salvo readings by various members of the Birdsong Collective.

hosted by Tommy Pico

Wednesday, July 29th 8pm
Second Stop Cafe,
524 Lormier Street
at the Corner of Lorimer and Ainslie, a couple blocks off the Lorimer L stop
Free! Come!

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

July 8, 2009

by Tommy


Let’s all get drunk and play ping pong. j/k but here’s some cool stuff going on this week lets go together! (also this is kind of a work in progress so let me know if I should include anything thats not here)-

Wednesday July 8th (thats today!)

6:30pm – Summerscreen: Reality Bites @ McCarren Park
The L Magazine is kicking off its summer movie series (formerly held in McCarren Pool [remember when they found a dead body there? Was that last summer?]) with a classic early ’90s offering. Also Music from the Wild Yaks, a happy hour, and food from San Loco (!!!), Two Boots (yay Tya!), DUB Pies and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. What else would you possibly do on a Wednesday night? Except maybe…

8-10:30pm – Drink n Draw @ 3rd Ward
They provide the beer and the model, you bring drawing tools and creativity. $15/person or $10 with a friend, Free for members. I’ve always wanted to go PS I heard the models are total babes but that could just be me making it up right now (lying contest!)

Thursday July 9th

6:30pm – Poetry from the Rooftops @ Arsenal Building Rooftop, Central Park.
With Lytton Smith, Priscilla Sneff, and Rebecca Wolff.

What’s better than a New York rooftop in the Summer? A poetry reading on a New York rooftop overlooking Central Park in the summertime thats what. I wish I could go, Rebecca Wolff is really inspiring. She turned Fence, her lit magazine, into Fence Books and basically ushered in the trend of elliptical poetry. But I will be at…

7pm – L Magazine Literary Upstart Finals
The L Magazine’s annual search for pocket fiction. Remember when Lauren Wilkinson KILLED that shit last year? Remember how I made everyone go and cheer and yell “Boo Books!” and wasted no time having my picture taken with her oversized novelty check? The one still sitting in her living room? Well its a brand new year and Lauren is going to pass her crown (metaphorically of course) to New York’s next literary upstart. One dollar Dog-something beers (probably).

7:30 pm – Indie Press Night with Seven Stories Press @ WORD
Our good friend (and former Birdsong #7 guest reader) Douglas A. Martin will read from his new novel, Once You Go Back, along with Lee Stringer, author of the memoir Sleepaway School. Martin and Stringer will also discuss its common source-childhoods that run off the rails, exposing kids to forces that can equally destroy and nourish a young, creative life-as well as the process, the struggle, and the redemptive power of autobiographically-charged writing. Phong Bui, publisher of The Brooklyn Rail, will moderate.

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birdsong 7

June 20, 2009


Sunday, June 21 2009

Birdsong #7 Zine Release/Reading/Art/Acoustic Show

7pm art show
8pm reading/acoustic show

The Birdsong Collective big big show, with guest reader Douglas A Martin, and acoustic sets by PAPS and Darla Rose

632 Grand street @ Leonard
Free | |
Subway: L to Lorimer