Queen Camp #3

April 29, 2009

By Stephen


Mother Mary I’m back with more gems! And darling, if you haven’t seen Boys In The Band (pictured above)–now is the time! Such a great camp movie that you can find on youtube for $free.99.

And here we are girls:

pump winter– 1. to expect hard times ahead. 2. to be penniless “After this next next glass of wine, I’m pumping winter!”

pull a Saint Augustine– 1. to leave a sinful and wicked past behind and become religious. 2. to be a religious homosexual

sugar trick– one left with the bar bill. Related term: sugar trip– cadging someone into buying drinks before leaving with someone else.

gorilla salad– thick, hairy pubic area Read the rest of this entry »


Queen Camp 2

April 14, 2009

by Stephen


More Queen Camp for you! God help us all and Oscar Wilde!


cosmetic intuition– homosexual’s sixth sense about danger
dalmatian queen– any fireman “I must be growing up…I’ve become a dalmatian queen.”
float like soap– 1. to be chaste, sweet. 2. to be sexually naive “His little buns are so clean…they float like soap.”
marshmallow pumps– white sneakers, tennies “Don’t you go snickerin’ at your mama’s marshmallow pumps–they her red shoes at a Saturday fry.”
Susan Saliva– slobbering cocksucker
rhinestud– strong man who turns out to be a cream puff.
Hardly Davidson– small low-powered scooter.
twirl the pearls– to dance
ten-inch somebody– 1. to lie, tell a fish story. 2. to tantalize, arouse. “Stop ten-inching me, man, Mexico can’t be as great as all that.”
watch the heels– be careful, watch your step! “Watch the heels Mae! Remember he who excuses himself, accuses himself!”
xerox queen– one whose sex life is so narrow that he treats all lovers alike–as if they were all copies of each other. 
zombie palace– stand-up bar where nobody relaxes.

And if you’re feeling down just repeat: My face seats five, my honey pot’s on fire!

QUEEN CAMP: Lesson 1 of Faggot Speak

April 7, 2009

QUEEN CAMP: Lesson 1 of Faggot Speak

by Stephen


I stumbled upon Gay Talk (Formerly entitled The Queen’s Vernacular) in a used bookstore by fate. This pink book fell from the shelf. I looked at its yellow paper and I JUST KNEW deep down that I must share its faggotry: the slang of those sugar in the blood pre-Stonewall Miss Things!

So for my first dramatic role on the Birdsong blog, I’m going to sing out some great phrases and words you can use while you close Polk Street! I call it Queen Camp.

Today’s Vocab:

get out of budget dresses– to step out of the everyday routine. “My honey got me out of budget dresses.”

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