September 29, 2010

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people like us

September 3, 2010

people like us
carda burke
photocopy on paper, unpaginated (5.5 x 8.5 in.)
queens, new york: self-published, 2008

‘people like us’ — this title can, of course, be read at least two ways: ‘people who are like us’ and ‘people who admire us.’ this zine, as probably most zines, has decidedly more to do with the former. here, ‘people who are like us’ are vague, young figures somewhere (always somewhere, never anywhere) in suburbia whose initial attraction (or at least some formative part of their relationship) to each other might be a shared feeling of ennui. such is the case with the narrator and her best friend, cynthia, when they take on jobs at an uncool, mall record store. predictably, they lift records together; but more importantly, the contraband becomes an object through which their allegiance to each other is performed. choice line: ‘only by forgetting can i see the place as it really is.’


August 27, 2010

zone: we are vaudeville
benjamin shapiro
full color print on paper, handstamped cardstock cover, unpaginated (edition of 50): (5.5 x 8.5 in.)
new york, ny: self-published, 2010

the latest issue of benjamin shapiro’s zone zine, we are vaudeville, is a quiet collection of text and image compiled from six months on tour as a drummer in a band. in these photos, shapiro documents the different ‘zones’ one encounters on the road — each of them unique, but each of them also possessing something of the same quality of liminality. the textual captions provide both biographical detail and a broader context, as shapiro succinctly unravels the history of touring circuits, tracing their development back to vaudeville. there’s a cinematic aspect to the zine itself, not in terms of grandeur, but in the hush that follows taking a seat in a darkened room and precedes the opening of curtains. choice line: ‘at home, i don’t want to talk about it. this can be a very desolate way to live.’

Stylin’ pro-flyerin’

August 10, 2010

birdsong #13 Saturday – 8/21

August 9, 2010

birdsong #13 zine release party!
with readings from the Birdsong Collective, music by PAPS, and guest reader Brando Skyhorse (The Madonnas of Echo Park).
6:30-9:30 at Rose Live Music
345 Grand Street, btwn Havemeyer & Marcy
Pretty equidistant from the Bedford and Lorimer L stops

Pete’s Mini Zine Fest

July 29, 2010

Just a heads up, this Saturday is Pete’s Mini Zine Fest. There will be $2 pints of Yeungling Lager and $3 pints of Brooklyn IPA and over 20 zinesters, graphic artists, photographers and bookmakers attending. PLUS performances by local singers, bands, bookmaking demonstrations and more!

FEATURING: Esther K Smith, author/designer of HOW TO MAKE BOOKS, Magic Books & Paper Toys and THE PAPER BRIDE

And music by Scott Magri

Rad Unicorn

sarah y su cochito

Full attendance list:

Andria Alefhi – We’ll Never Have Paris (

Paul Assimacopoulos – Strangers Gate Books (

Darryl Ayo – Little Garden (

Joseph Carlough – Displaced Snail Publications (

Matt Carman + Kseniya Yarosh – I Love Bad Movies, Oh My / Oh No (

Alexis Clements – Dance Away Your Debt, Your Own Personal Apocalypse (

Marguerite Dabaie – The Hookah Girl (

Tea Fougner – Pygmalion, Different Comics (

Alan Grow – The Devil Made the Dinosaur Bones

Katie Haegle – The La-La Theory (

Andrew Hoepfner – All Kinds of Bees (

Lola Batling – Sweet Angel, Suicide Kiss (

Josh Medsker – 24 Hour Zine (

James Molenda- FOUND Magazine (

L. Nichols – Jumbly Junkery (

Rachel + Sari – Hoax Zine, You’ve Got a Friend (

Redguard – Absent-Cause Zine (

Kenan Rubenstein – Drought, Tick, The Oubliette (

Esther K Smith – Purgatory Pie Press (

Joe Younglove – Oculomotor


July 27, 2010

by Tommy

Blah blah blackstreet I’m tired.  I would do a more extensive list but this is officially layout week for birdsong #13!!!  It wouldn’t be altogether more terrible than normal, except that my computer’s hard drive crashed, erasing almost everything I own (movies, music, pictures, design files, etc) and there’s a lot of re-dos to be done.  So back up yr shit (that’s what he said) and I’ll see you in a couple weeks with a new zine and the reading at the end of the month (though I’m not sure where, as 3rd Ward is suspending events at it’s Metro location!!!).  If you have any leads on spaces, give me a heads up!

nom nom nom

Tuesday – Gerrification

As a part of Dixon Place’s Hot! Festival, “Gerrification” is an interactive, multi-media show by writer/performer/photographer/style icon/radio show host Gerry Visco (who Max Steele interviewed for this very blog!).  As I understand it, audience members are encouraged to volunteer to become “Gerrified”: to join the Gerry party by donning a characteristically outlandish platinum wig, cat-eye glasses, and bright clothing.  Gerry will outline her platform for a better world, give some tips on how to live a more fabulous self-loving life, and narrate some of her experiences moving to New York in the 1970’s.  Cast members are numerous and include Fritz and Christina (from HiChristina, where we used to hold the Birdsong Reading Series) and Joseph Keckler on video.  Get tickets here.

Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie Street, NY NY, $1o (advance) $15 (door), 9pm

"I'm sorry I gave you crabs." "s'cool, dad."

Wednesday – LIT 18 Launch Party

LIT, a literary journal published by the New School which counts our very own Katie Naoum as one of it’s editorial staff, is having a launch party for their latest issue at powerHouse Arena in DUMBO.  Readers include Mike Young, a contributor over at HTML Giant and co-editor of the free print/online NOÖ Journal.

powerHouse Arena, 37 Main Street, Brooklyn NY, 6:30-8:30pm

Thursday – CUT + PASTE Writing Workshop

My friend Nikki Burst (who had a poem in birdsong #2 and read for us two! years ago!) is co-hosting a writing workshop at WE-ARE-FAMILIA’s pop up gallery and event space in Brooklyn. It seems there there will be actual cutting and pasting of words happening (which, if I remember correctly, is a skill Nikki and I exercised in a workshop with Kathleen Ossip two! years ago!) so come with goo gone and a strong hand.


WE-ARE-FAMILIA, 539 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn NY 6-9pm

Friday- Nurses in New England

This week at the Ohio Theater, a birdsong fave downtown performer Erin Markey is in the cast of Nurses in New England, “a musically-enhanced glimpse into an idiosyncratic coastal hospital where female nurses run surgeries, secret-smoke, and balance friendship, forgotten love, and conflicted ambition—with the daily stakes of life and death. A comedic and poignant look at the desire to make amazing miracles.”  Get tickets here or by phone, (212) 868-4444

The Ohio Theater, 66 Wooster St., NY NY, $15 (general) $10 (students/seniors), 7pm