happy winds-day

i hope i’m being redundant here, but for the uninitiated, the title of today’s hump day post is in reference to winnie the pooh and the blustery day. i wholeheartedly (i know no other way) encourage all of you to take flight in today’s inclement weather, visiting all of yr friends and wishing them a happy winds-day (especially cancers you know who might be celebrating their birth):

of course, winnie the pooh isn’t the only winnie in my personal cosmology, and i can’t really mention one without mentioning the other.  moreover, i, for one, find incredible romance in ugly weather. so, after you’ve done yr winds-day well-wishing, you might want to indulge yr amorous inclinations / imaginations (perhaps over a dark ‘n’ stormy):

as you may have guessed by now, winnie is one of those subjects to which this applies.

i’m gonna go ahead and help myself out here sister girlfriends and change the subject: happy bastille day, frenchies! traditional forms of celebration include setting off fireworks, imbibing fine wine, and running naked through the streets. but you could probably also do right by the french by partaking of whatever you consider to be fancy. for myself,  i’ll probably celebrate by listening to the following song whilst looking at pix of the following french (canadian) beauty:

in closing, i leave you with a french tribute to ingmar bergman, whose birthday it is today:

p.s. our prayers go out to our homegirl max, as his teeth are finally returned to their original, pristine state of a year ago.


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