Queen Camp #3

By Stephen


Mother Mary I’m back with more gems! And darling, if you haven’t seen Boys In The Band (pictured above)–now is the time! Such a great camp movie that you can find on youtube for $free.99.

And here we are girls:

pump winter– 1. to expect hard times ahead. 2. to be penniless “After this next next glass of wine, I’m pumping winter!”

pull a Saint Augustine– 1. to leave a sinful and wicked past behind and become religious. 2. to be a religious homosexual

sugar trick– one left with the bar bill. Related term: sugar trip– cadging someone into buying drinks before leaving with someone else.

gorilla salad– thick, hairy pubic area

fifty-nine– mutual cunnilingus. “I guess you take off ten points for the lack of cock.”

drop a pearl– to break wind, fart.

walk a dress– to wear a new outfit in front of somebody for the sole purpose of showing off.

beach bitch– homosexual who sets up a cruisy camp on the beach during the summer months.

stringbean queen– tall, thin gay boy. “Well the stringbean queen certainly outdid herself this time around.”

Miss Halloween– 1. ugly, grotesque, mask-like face. “A good-night peck from Miss Halloween would be the kiss of death.”

literary hour– bathroom time spent reading.

dishonorable discharge– coming home and jacking off after not scoring.

ivy pie– the clean-cut college student. Syn: piece of ivy pie

get off the weed– a command to stop daydreaming. “Get off the weed, Mae, he wouldn’t look at you in an open-coffin funeral.”

urinal yellow– muddy shade of yellow. “What brand of cigarette got your teeth such a bright urinal yellow?”

vampire– 1. drooling old man who swoops down on young stuff as they parade to and fro. “Twilight! The vampires are out!”

vogues– cigarettes.

charm bracelet– list of ex-lovers–little black book. “Did you ever add that hung stud to your charm bracelet?”

read the beads– to chastise somebody; punish by a tongue-lashing. “Those sagittarius girls are always readin’ somebody’s beads–only they regard it as a service well rendered.”

Hate to be a parade-rainer but that’s all for this week!


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